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Hello, I'm Mukul

I write both short and long-form content for B2B and B2C Businesses. 

How can i help you

Do you work for or own a B2B/B2C Tech Company that needs an adaptive writer?

Maybe you don’t but simply need a feature writer to bring a story to life?

In either case, you’re in the right place.

If you struggle to turn content ideas into compelling copy, I’m your guy. I conceive, write and produce engaging website copy, blog posts (both creative and technical), email copies, Social Media writeups and lead magnets for B2B/B2C Tech companies.

Unlike many other writers, I take time to get to know YOU and YOUR business before putting pen to paper. Because let’s be honest, writing is but one piece of the puzzle.

You first need to establish if you’ll actually enjoy working with that writer. If you’ve ever thought to yourself: “This guy can write, but just doesn’t seem like a fit for this project”, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

And of course, you also want someone who takes time to understand your audience and your brand voice, communicates, meets deadlines and proposes new content ideas (Who wants to deal with the added work of coming up with content ideas, right?).

Hell, perhaps, you even need someone who has an understanding of SEO or knows how to work in WordPress (or whatever content platform you’re on ) so that you can spend time on more meaningful work.

Regardless, of what you’re looking for in a writer, I understand just how hard it can be to find one that ticks all your boxes. After all, there are so many writers out there that make the task that much more difficult.

So, I suggest the following: browse my sample articles and my Instagram Account – and if you like what you see – send me a no-strings-attached mail to see if we’re a fit for one another.

But here’s the thing: You really have nothing to lose. Think of our connect as a brainstorming opportunity where we get to know one another AND where I share FREE ideas to help you grow your business. Ideas I give you full permission to “steal” (even if we don’t end up working together).


So, what are you waiting for? See what I have to offer and if you’re interested, send me an email!



What I do


SEO Optimized Blog Writing

Looking for someone to write grammatically correct and SEO Optimized Blogs? I can do that for you and more. I know how to do on-page optimization for articles to rank on Google and using Keywords in correct places that include images, headings and text.  


Website Content Writing

Whether you have a website that is not giving you the results, OR you want fresh web content to pitch your services, I’m at your service. The only thing standing between you and your potential customers is this wall of poor content. Allow me to break this wall through Professional website content that will drive traffic on your site like never before! 


Email Writing

The secret to an effective email campaign lies in the power of catchy and engaging email writing. I can write short and captivating emails with a catchy headline that will get more eyeballs to your service proposals and hence, more sales.


Product Descriptions

I believe that technical doesn’t have to be boring. My creative approach to writing engaging product descriptions ensures that your key information is showcased with a hint of charm. Also, I have zero tolerance for ‘fluff’. Your descriptions will be clear, concise, and free of anything that is irrelevant or repetitive. In a nutshell, with my product description services, you can win over the most cautious buyers with clever, convincing product descriptions that sell.


Social Media Writing

Be it Facebook captions or LinkedIn comment templates, Instagram captions or writing on the posts – I have been doing these since long and can do it for you. With 28,000+ followers on Instagram, I know what people on Social Media love to see and read. Writing for social media has always been my comfort zone. 



Ebooks are an authoritative content marketing tool that can dramatically increase the exposure of your brand. However, your ebook’s chance of success depends significantly on its content, quality, and design. I have been creating engaging, eye-catchy, and precise ebooks for business over the past year and can do the same for you. Writing an eBook is a tough job. Let me help you with quality ebook creation and professional editing which will ultimately make for a long-lasting impression on your customers.



Need copy that connects and converts? You know your audience inside out (if you don’t we’ll work on that). You understand their hopes, dreams, and fears, but there’s only one problem: You’re struggling to communicate this understanding and instead revert back to the comfort of business jargon your audience doesn’t understand.

I’ll help you better communicate with your customers by writing copy in their language. Copy that strikes a chord. And, ultimately copy that drives conversions. Whether you need a sales, home, landing, service, or even about page, I’m able to produce website content that helps you better communicate, connect, and sell.

Why Choose Me?

My words Resonate with the reader

Timely Delivery

I have worked under tight deadlines and I am used to delivering on or before time.

Hard Working

Quality never comes without Hardwork. I ensure your success via my Hardwork.

Good Availability

Availability will never be an issue. I am always ready to take up challenges that will enhance my skills.

let my words be the end to your problems. Lets connect!


What My Clients Say?

I have outsourced most of my content writing tasks to Mukul and I have no doubts in saying he's good at what he does. There are no glitches in his work and he always puts in his 100%.
Praney Thapa
Blogger at Digital Praney
Mukul takes the time to understand the business goals behind his work and goes above and beyond delivering on those results. He has no ego when it comes to receiving feedback. I would not hesitate to recommend Nick for your next writing project.
Mukesh Jena
Marketing Manager at HireMee
Mukul is a talented writer and an equally professional, timely, and effective communicator. He is quick to respond with added insights and thoughtful questions, making the process of working together highly efficient and enjoyable.
Sourav Pathak
Owner of